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    One of the things we do on our spare time in Australia is go to the movies. We love movies. All types. So we go often. MJ and I recently went to see Sex and The City. While MJ wasn’t much of fan of the HBO series, I was and was greatly disappointed to have it end. So like many other fans, seeing a movie based on the infamous series realized was awesome.

    During the opening scenes of the New York landscape, I let out an audible sigh that my hubby recognized. I missed the amazing East Coast of the US and I feared that I would grow more homesick than I have been already. But as I watched Carrie and the girls talk about love and marriage, I realized that missing the USA wasn’t an issue, instead I got carried away with the story and how right these fictional characters were. Marriage does change you.

    I won’t give away any plot details or spoilers but when the movie finished and MJ and I exited the cinema, we started to talk about how our relationship had changed since we got married. And while some of our changes haven’t been for the best, most were part of the growing process, i.e. our decision to move to Australia. Before MJ, I don’t think I would have considered leaving the place I was born and raised in, the place where my friends were, the place I long to be in right now, but I did – why? Because it would be best for our family. So while looking at an American movie, makes me wish I was back home, I know that I’m doing the right thing.

    So while I may bitch and moan about this place, I do love it because this is where my husband and son are. And as long as I have them, I’m set (but some good ol’ American cheese wouldn’t hurt).

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