• I’m going to kill that bird

    PloversI really hate Plovers! They are the world’s most annoying bird! And trust me, I’ve met my share of annoying birds. (Back in NJ, there was a male Cardinal that would attack every single window of our house every day of every Summer from sun-up to sun-down thinking that his reflection was another male Cardinal so he would attack to compete for the lady Cardinals attention. Dumbass! Didn’t he realize after the third headache that he was just hurting himself??)

    Anyway, back to the bloody Plovers. These freaking ridiculous birds have the most obnoxious birdcall and it’s even more obnoxious when it’s at 5 in the morning which the bloody thing tends to do right outside of our bedroom windows. And since LJ has been having trouble sleeping for the past few weeks and as a result I have been not getting enough sleep, having a freaking bird wake us with it’s stupid-ass squawk just when we manage to drift off to sleep for a few minutes, is the last straw. I’m so going to get a shotgun and shoot every single last Plover!

    Can you tell that I’m sleep-deprived??

    Edited to add:
    I tried to find an audio clip of that damn bird but all I could find were videos. This one was the best. So imagine this call louder and in multitude and right outside your window at 4-5am when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep.

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