• Unexpected reactions

    When I had first told my mother that we would be moving to Australia, she tried to talk me out of it but once she saw I was sticking to our decision, she stopped and didn’t try changing my mind anymore. I was really surprised that she didn’t make a big deal about it. I had expected her to scream, yell, shout, threaten, warn, not talk to me, or do something drastic but she didn’t…at least not in front of me. So I figured that maybe she’s secretly hoping that something doesn’t work out and we’ll change our own mind…until I started getting the feeling that she honestly didn’t care. The same goes for the rest of my family. Well I know that’s mean to say – I’m sure she and my family care – but lately I’ve been getting the feeling that they care more about what happens to our furniture.

    Once we started selling things, she claimed some pieces of furniture and other items. MJ and I were fine with that – especially since they were objects that we knew we wouldn’t get much for anyway. But shortly after, the bickering started. One day, one of my family members asked about my bedroom furniture. She said she wanted it if we didn’t sell it but not to tell Mom about it. Yes, I thought that was weird but I shrugged it off until a few days later. My mom mentioned the bedroom furniture as well and said that if we didn’t sell it she would take it. Then she said the same thing about my leather couch and the refrigerator and a few other things! I laughed it off but it seems like almost every day someone is asking if we sold something and if it doesn’t sell they’ll have it…no mention of giving us money at all even though they know that this move has become very expensive! However, yesterday, was very funny. I went to my mom’s house to clear out some things I had left in her attic. On my final trip down from the attic, my mom had asked if I had cleared off the clothes rack that I kept in her attic from my old “dressing up and partying days”. I told her that it would have to wait for another day as I was already exhausted by bringing down 5 boxes of old textbooks. My aunt said that she wanted the clothes rack as did my uncle and before I could even say anything my mom jumped in and said no, she wanted it. Then an argument between the three followed. About 10 minutes later, another argument ensued regarding my leather couch. I couldn’t leave my mom’s house fast enough.
    My family have become vultures! They are circling around us just waiting to pick the flesh from our bones or to attack anyone who gets in their way of getting their prize! What has happened to them? First they show no emotion as to our decision to move to the other side of the world…now they’re going to charge at our stuff as if they’re in some type of shopping spree at my supermarket. Are the people in my family the same people that want everything for free from Craigslist?? This is scary! What’s going to become of them if I give one item to one person and not the other? It might get uglier than it already is! I really hope that the reason they’re fighting over our things is that they feel that by having something of ours, we’ll still be close to them, if not in person then in spirit of the leather couch…or maybe I’m just deluding myself…

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