• It’s becoming so real

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    • Y says:

      Hello Kristan!
      It took about 6 months from when we submitted the application to when we got an approval. Most of that was just waiting for the FBI check to come through which took about 3 months. Then once that was ok, the Immigration officer from the Australian Embassy requested more information such as pictures of us together and documents from other people and such. Some we were able to provide and others we weren’t but we explained why not so that took about another month. The application itself was a bit difficult to get through because some of the questions were so vague but there was a forum that really helped us through it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

    • Kristan Whibley says:

      how long did it take for them to approve the permanent residency application?? We would like to move there and are leaving in September but we are going on working holiday visa’s for 2 years to start off. So I was just curios if maybe we should start applying for residency now. Thanks.

    • Tors says:

      Hi Y! It’s me Tors from YDU. Hope you don’t mind me commenting on an old entry, but it reminds me SO much of some of the things I went through when I first moved to Oz nearly 3.5 years ago now.

      Selection criteria threw me for a loop too. My husband works in public service and I’ve helped him write a few of those statements – OMG, it is MUCH more than just a question-and-answer cover letter. It’s a farking essay interview on paper, and every SINGLE WORD used in the criteria has a deeper intricate meaning that can change the whole direction of your answer. No joke, we have in our possession entire books on how to address selection criteria. Ugh. Apparently it’s the gold standard for all public service applications, as a weeding-out mechanism for the final interview.

      I can’t believe that woman actually sent you a bullet-point rejection letter. Sounds like she doesn’t have enough to do at work. 😉

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