• When ducks attack

    Australia has so many park areas and bush land that it is quite certain you will have many encounters with different animals. And because my hubby and his family are animal lovers, I have become accustomed to going to places with various forms of wildlife. And as I mentioned in my previous post, LJ loves animals as well so we tend to take him to places where we can see come of our favorite little creatures.


    Back home, we were limited to zoos, or a cheaper equivalent, pet stores and, on occasion, we would be able to go to a duck pond where we would teach LJ how to break the law and risk a $500 fine when we fed the ducks. Here, on the other hand, it’s OK to feed the ducks without fear of any penalties. However, there is a difference between the ducks in the US to the ducks in Australia. The American ducks tend to be indifferent to the humans that enter their world. They may lift up their heads to acknowledge your presence but they go about their duck business soon after they sized you up to be harmless. Australian ducks, apparently, have no fear. In fact, they are a little bit aggressive. The moment they catch a glimpse of a human they run toward you at full waddle. And they will follow you wherever you go in hope…scratch that…in demand that you give them a treat as payment for the privilege of looking at them. Consequently, LJ has had a couple of finger nibbles when he was too slow to share a piece of bread with a duck.

    Despite the duck attacks, we still enjoy our outings to duck ponds where we may catch a glance at a bunny hopping along or a wallaby hiding from the human observer.  A word of warning, Australia tends to be home to some of the world’s most deadliest creatures so be sure to know what to do when a snake crosses your path or you step on nests belonging to Jack Jumpers or Inchman Ants.

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