• Ignorance or racism or a bit of both

    My grandparents were born and raised in Puerto-Rico, then, as adults, they moved to NY where my mother was born and raised.  When you first look at me, especially in Australia, you know I’m not quite Caucasian, there’s something else.  Tanned olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and a slight accent more than just American.  I speak Spanish and English.  But I’m American.  I’m as American as apple pie.

    Yes, I live in Australia, and yes, I was born in NJ and yes, my grandparents were born in Puerto-Rico…none of that changes the fact that I’m American.

    Puerto Rico is a commonweath territory of the USA.  Also when someone is born on American soil, that person is American.  This is all basic, common knowledge in America or at least I thought it was, but then again, I remember that I also learned this in school.   I’m just appalled by all the negative comments regarding Marc Anthony (not only does he sing Spanish songs, but he also sings English songs and he was married to Jennifer Lopez  who is also Puerto-Rican American!) singing “God Bless America” at a baseball game.  Are they really that stupid or are they that racist?  I’m assuming a bit of both, as some of them referred to Marc as “Mexican” just because of his skin so I’m assuming they didn’t know he was a born and raised Nuyorican, even so, when in doubt, before tweeting negative comments, people should really do their research.  It’s scary that there are so many crazy, racist, self-entitled pricks out there that think the world wants to hear their crap.

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