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Australian comedian tackles American gun laws

By Y | March 27, 2015

Check outĀ this very funny comedian take onĀ America’s (some of America) obsession with guns and he does it very well!


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21 Questions America Has For Australia

By Y | March 6, 2015

I think this is a pitiful retaliation, except for 5 and 16!


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21 Questions Australia Has For The US

By Y | March 5, 2015

A few of them I ask about myself too especially 4 & 5!


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Happy Australia Day!

By Y | January 26, 2015


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17 things that change forever when you live abroad

By Y | January 12, 2015

Interesting read regarding the small but big changes that happen to a person when they call another country home.


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What the states thankful for

By Y | January 11, 2015

The tops answers of residents in each state.

I wonder what Aussie states would be thankful for?


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27 Things People From North Jersey Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

By Y | January 4, 2015

I love New Jersey!


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The holidays are approaching

By Y | December 20, 2014

What’s the holidays without a little Tom Hiddleston love!


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Shipping to Australia

By Y | December 13, 2014

I came across this list that might be helpful for some of us of places that ship to Australia!



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Australians have a sense of humor

By Y | December 10, 2014

No Parking Sign at Mount Elephant Pancakes in Tasmania

No Parking Sign at Mount Elephant Pancakes


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