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    A few months ago, my sister and cousin, who are both in their mid-twenties tried to convince me to read the Twilight books.  They believed it was the biggest thing since sliced bread.  I refused.  While I do love a good vampire-human love story, I did see that the target audience was for girls 12 and up.  I haven’t been 12 in awhile so I refused to subject myself to a G-rated teen angst saga.  They then tried to get me to see the movie since they had already seen it twice. I again declined.  I know what type of movies my sister and cousin are into and trust me they’re absolute cheesy teeny-boppers.

    Well a few weeks ago my MIL asked me if I knew anything about the Twilight books and movie and I gave her the same speech I gave my sister and cousin.  Apparently, my MIL must be into young adult reading because she actually went out and bought the Twilight book.  She finished reading it within 2 days.  She complained that it was predictable and boring but yet she’s eager to read the rest of the saga.  She lent the Twilight book to me and said to read it.  I kept it on the end table in the living room for a couple of weeks, not really interested in reading it.  Then one day, I was bored.  Really, really bored.  I couldn’t even think of anything to put on my blogs and I was too tired to work on my son’s blog so I picked it up and started to read it.  At first I was still bored until Edward began to speak to Bella and I was hooked.

    For young adult reading it’s not bad, if you keep that in mind, that it’s young adult reading. It’s a cool love story about a human teenage girl in love with a century old vampire and they’re in high school.  I do have my gripes about it such as there isn’t one cuss word at all in the entire book.  Yes I believe you can write an excellent book without the use of profanity but seriously, how many American teenagers do you know say ‘Holy Crow’ rather than ‘Holy shit’??  But it’s fun easy reading.

    Anyway, I’m done reading Twilight and now I’m bored again.  I refuse to buy the next book, New Moon, as every bookstore I’ve seen it in is charging at least $30 for the paperback version meanwhile back home it’s only $10 for the hardcover.  Even with the exchange rate being crap at the moment, it’s still way cheaper in the US.  So I put the book in my holds list at the library.  In any event, if I can’t wait for the 200 something people in front of me to go through their copy of New Moon at the library, I might buy it but only from Amazon.   Why are books in Australia so bloody expensive??  Or better yet, why isn’t Amazon in Australia???

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    • elsja says:

      Twilight is wonderful… I was one of those that got really hooked.

      The reason there is no cussing (amongst other things) is because the woman who wrote it is mormon.

      Be prepared for new moon to be more boring- but once you get to eclipse it gets really good again!

    • MB says:

      I just stumbled upon your site while I was lurking at yanksdownunder. I’m an American. I used to live in Brissie (my husband is Australian). Anyway, just wanted to comment that a friend of mine in Brissie orders books off Amazon all the time and says that even with shipping to Oz that it’s still cheaper than buying them in the bookstores there. Just something you might want to look into. Enjoy some weather for me…it’s freezing here.

      p.s. my website is not up yet, but will be soon. it’s about how we save and visit Australia every year on one income. Check it out in a few weeks..it should be up by then.

    • Jenny says:

      Oh, I love Twilight, too. Just finished New Moon- think I’ll wait for a US visitor to bring me Eclipse.
      Maybe someone should start an Australian paperback book exchange.
      I’m going to just get a Kindle so I can download books from Amazon. I think that will solve two problems- dealing with the price of books here in Oz and dealing with where to store all the books I seem to collect.

    • Y says:

      I finally read all of them. I just borrowed from someone who borrowed from someone else! I was pleasantly surprised that I really did enjoy reading them. I’ve been thinking about getting Kindle too but I haven’t looked it up yet to see if that is something I would really use. I do like flipping pages 😉 Just be sure if you do decide to get Kindle that you’re able to download the books from Amazon. We’ve tried downloading several different things, even TaxCut for our taxes, and because we’re not in the US they won’t let us download it. They check your IP to see where you are and if you’re out of the US you can’t download certain things but I’m not sure if the Kindle books are part of that restriction. Just be sure to check that before you invest in something that expensive! Good luck!

    • Erin says:

      I am glad to find other women in their 20s and 30s who liked the Twilight saga like me. I bought all my books from Big W because they were about $19.50 each. I hate the cost of books here! Crazy! I did a recent post dedicated to the series http://aussie-erin.blogspot.com/2009/05/love-affair-with-vampire.html and now I’m struggling to get into a new book! It is all very G-rated, which to adult readers might be a bit boring, but generally speaking I loved them.

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