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    I was sorting through the million pictures I have on my camera’s memory cards and I came across some photos of the car I had in the US.  Then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks – I truly and deeply miss my car.  I know, of all things, I miss my car the most.  Isn’t that strange??  It’s not like it was convertible Mercedes or anything.  It was a black on black 2003 Mitsubishi OZ Rally and she was beautiful.  Yes, my car was a woman and she had a name.  Lilah.  She was small, sporty, reliable, comfortable, and cute – just like me. 

    MJ and I had bought her a couple of weeks after we were married and on my birthday.  Lilah was the first brand new car for both of us.  We always had used cars before her so having this shiny new car was amazing.  I could get in the car and just go.  And many times MJ and I did just that.  Before and after LJ, we would pack up the car and just go where we wanted to go.  It was awesome.  We never had a problem with her and selling her was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do.  But I consoled myself by saying “it’s just a car”.  Well, now as I look at her picture, it was more than just a car.  She not only was a great car but she represents many things to me and 2 main ones are:


    Commitment & Marriage & Family – This was my and MJ’s first huge purchase as a married couple.  We packed up that car many times with boxes and so forth when we moved from our small apartment to our house! We brought LJ home from the hospital strapped into his carseat in that car.  And many times we would drive around and around and around the nearest park trying to get LJ to fall asleep!

    Independence – I didn’t have to rely on anyone to go anywhere like I do now.  I could just get in and go because I felt comfortable driving her because she was small and because I knew my way around in NJ.  Even if I drove through unfamiliar turf it was still fine because I wasn’t too far from my own turf.

    Lilah was my 3rd car ever but she’s the one that holds so many fond memories and boy do I miss that car.  I wonder if I could grow to love the beast of a Holden my husband calls a car as much as Lilah.  Oh by the way, the beast’s name is Sally.

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    • Lisa says:

      Hi, I am from the group on yahoo and I saw the link to this site on one of your posts. I think I missed why you moved to Austraila. But I do understand being homesick. I am from the caribbean and I met my husban via the net and moved to the USA and I was HOMESICK at times it was a bit unbearable. After 9/11 we moved back here, and now after 6yrs of being back home we may be moving back to the USA, and I am dreading being homesick again.

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