• When I was home and I missed home!

    I loved being back in the States. I loved visiting my favorite places back home and seeing my friends and family. It was great to eat the food I soooo missed and shop at familiar stores.

    But funnily enough I felt like a “visitor”. I thought that once I went back home that I would feel like I had never left. But that wasn’t true. I felt just like a tourist visiting a land I’ve been to several times. I found it to be such a strange feeling and I couldn’t wait to get back “home” – back to our home in Australia. Can you believe that?? I know I couldn’t. Which made me realize that MJ and I have built a home in the Land of Oz so no matter where we live as long as our family is together that’s where my home is. It only took a visit home to realize where and what home was.

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