• Happy Father’s Day

    Yep, you read that right.  It’s Father’s Day in September in Australia.  This is MJ’s first Australian Father’s Day as a father.  We were in the US for other Father’s Days and we always celebrated in June.  MJ would try to worm his way into getting 2 a year (June & September).  However, it never worked for him because if I only got 1 Mother’s Day because both US and Australian are in May then he was only allowed 1 Father’s Day.  And we all know that Mother’s Day is much more important than Father’s Day 😉

    Other than the date difference, I think Father’s Day in Australia is pretty much the same as in the US.  Although I noticed in the US, you would see father’s hanging out with their kids (mall, park, movies, etc) on this special day.  I didn’t see any of that here but then again we only really went out later in the afternoon.  I’ll keep my eye open for any other differences next time around…if we’re still here.

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    4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

    • aus2007 says:

      “If we’re still here.” Oh, dear, that doesn’t sound very happy. Are you considering a move back? Hope you’re not as miserable as I am. I know how badly it sucks to feel this way.

    • Y says:

      It’s not that I’m considering moving back. It’s that I’m very homesick and I truly do miss my family. Never thought I would say that but I do miss them and I miss the independence that I once had. I don’t have that here anymore. Maybe because I’m still learning my way around, maybe because I was a shopper and the stores and products here don’t compare to back home, maybe because I’m not working, maybe because I’m still with my in-laws while we find a house. I don’t know. I just hope that once we have a house that things will get better. But I have a bad case of the blues right now.

    • aus2007 says:

      I definitely know what you’re saying. Loss of independence like that is hard to take. I do think that once you have your own place, and are more familiar and comfortable on the road and around town, you will start to feel better. I really underestimated how much I would miss family and friends back home. Thank heavens we live in the age of the internet, or I would definitely have gone off the deep end by now. As for the shopping, well, not sure what to say on that front. It just ain’t the same….

    • Tors says:

      I have to agree. It wasn’t until we moved a couple thousand k’s from the in-laws and got our own place and our own lives that I truly felt like I was home.

      I don’t really see much difference, other than the date. Father’s Day is Father’s Day. An excuse for Dad to stay in bed and demand breakfast! ha ha ha

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