• Stuck at home…again

    In the past couple of weeks, I’ve become more courageous and I have been driving myself places….ON MY OWN!  Familiar places, such as the post office, Kmart, supermarket, park, and places of the sort.  I won’t go somewhere I’m not entirely too sure how to get to (even though we do have a GPS but who the hell can work one of those things when they’re lost and in a sheer panic??).  I will only drive somewhere I’ve been many, many times and that I know I will be able to find good parking without fear of bumping and crashing into other cars or pedestrians.  But, of course, just as I was becoming more comfortable with driving, the car broke down a few days ago.  No, it wasn’t my fault although MJ did ask if I hit anything as if it was my fault the damn coolant was leaking!

    The car has been inoperable for the past 6 days and in the shop for 3 of those days and I’ve been stuck at home.  So, I’ve been bored and miserable as I’ve been contemplating the massive repair bill (originally $1200, then it was $2300, now it’s down to $1500).  I think the mechanic is just trying to rip us a new a**hole but after MJ spoke to him this morning, it seems it’ll stay at $1500.  Bloody Holdens!!  (Sssh, don’t tell MJ, I said that).

    Anyway, it seems we won’t have the car until early next week.  Luckily the weather has been pretty decent and I have been able to take LJ out for more walks and treks through nature.

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