• Oh my God! A roundabout!

    Australian Roundabout

    We went to test-drive a car a few days ago and my hubby talked me into giving driving a try since I would have to give the “thumbs up” in purchasing the car anyway. So he took me to a quiet road where there weren’t many cars and I took over. I drove up the road, made a couple of turns, did a 3 point turn out of a dead-end, and then back down the road we had started from. Since I was doing alright (although I had a bit of trouble judging the amount of room I had on my left hand side), MJ convinced me to get on the highway which I did a bit hesitantly. Eventually I was fine on the highway and had to be told a couple of times by my hubby to slow down as I tend to have a bit of a lead foot. I was doing great. I was really proud of myself. Then I saw the sign for the roundabout up ahead and I freaked out.

    Back home, I consider myself to be a good driver and in NJ we have LOTS of roundabouts (we call them circles). Therefore, I’m not new to roundabouts at all. Although they can be a pain in the rear, I can usually successfully maneuver my way around one. However, since I’m new to the whole driving on the wrong side of the road and car in Australia, for some reason, I developed this asinine fear of the approaching roundabout. MJ laughed and told me to keep to my left. After mentally slapping myself out of it, I kept to my left and did just fine.

    I drove some more and eventually pulled over to let my hubby to take over as I didn’t want to tempt fate especially since we were in a stranger’s car!

    I’m happy to report that my hubby and I survived my first drive in Australia…as you may have gathered already! YAY for me!!

    I’m a little more confident in the prospect of one day driving here but I still don’t think that’ll be anytime soon. (FYI, when playing with LJ and his cars on a floor rug designed to look like streets, I still put the little cars on the right side of the road and when in the car I still flinch when entering an intersection which seems to me like the wrong side!)

    P.S. We didn’t buy the car. While it was nice, it was overpriced with some minor flaws that could turn into major faults one day.

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