• Amazon is an a$$hole

    Working on my website, I see Amazon’s Product Cloud Widget thing where they look through your website and put up certain keywords for possible products you might like. According to their description of the product cloud on their website “The Product Cloud widget shows clusters of product titles that are relevant to your page. The font size of the title in the cloud indicates how relevant the product is to your page – the larger the title, the more closely the product should match the topics on your page. This widget is ideal for sites with changing content such as blog pages. It will keep up with your changing page by automatically showing new titles as your page evolves.”

    But this is what mine looks like:



    Reminding me that my mother is gone



    Seriously, of all the posts on my blog since 2007, the one post I wrote about my mother is the one that it chooses to highlight.  Insensitive bastards??  Perhaps…or maybe it’s just an inanimate object that doesn’t know I still miss my mother dearly, but even my mother would admit that Amazon is awesome when they’re not reminding one of a difficult time in one’s life.  Luckily, my mom had a good sense of humor and would have found it funny so I will picture her looking over someone’s shoulder reading my blog and having a little chuckle.  Miss you mom!

    PS  Now Amazon will have another post of my inspirational mom to base it’s widget thing on!


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