• Amazon withdrawal

    Back in NJ, my day consisted of:

    Wake up. Get ready for work. Get MJ ready for work. Feed LJ and get him ready for his day. Drop him off at daycare. Then I would go to work. During my lunch break, I would run errands and/or go see LJ. Go back to work. After work, pick up LJ then run quick errands and/or go home. Play with LJ while I cooked dinner or cleaned (if we were going out to eat). After dinner, have a family walk to the park. Get home. Play with LJ for a little while then give him his bath. Feed LJ again. Put him to bed. And then get ready for the next day while cleaning and/or preparing meals for the next day.

    And that was before we had decided to move. Once we started the process of moving, my day was much more hectic as I would have to schedule packing, selling, and going to the post office.

    And despite all that craziness of everyday living, we never went without. We always had diapers, wipes, food, toilet paper, clothes (clean or new), the house was clean and tidy (for the most part – just wouldn’t want someone to look under the couch). We were fine – even though we didn’t have someone to look after LJ while we cleaned or whatever, we were fine – stressed but fine.


    Before Australia

    Now I’m a stay at home mom to LJ. We live with my in-laws so we don’t have to do all the cooking and cleaning because we have in-home help. If I need to cook an elaborate meal, usually I have someone to help or take LJ outside to play. I don’t have to juggle my career in the mix of taking care a home, husband, and toddler, nevermind myself.

    And despite all this, we are going without. Of course, we’re on one income now so naturally there are things we just can’t have (sorry MJ, no 52″ LCD this Christmas). But most of the things we are going without aren’t because of money or lack thereof but more of lack of time. I just don’t have time to go shopping.

    How does a stay at home mom not have time to shop?

    Well, I have just realized how dependent I was and still am on the internet. I bought a lot of things online. I had monthly subscriptions through Amazon.com (where I would just have to order diapers, groceries, and so forth only once and every month I would get my new shipment without me having to remember to do so).

    And if Amazon didn’t have what I needed, drugstore.com would surely have it.

    For last minute gifts or other household items, I could quickly find something online and order it within minutes. Everything that needed to be bough were just a few mouse clicks away.

    But in Australia and most definitely in the area I’m living in, the internet hasn’t taken over as it has back in the States. There aren’t any Amazons to have things delivered automatically at your door. It’s not that easy to quickly shop for something right before you turn in for the night. The internet isn’t overcrowded with storefronts each trying to beat out the other with the biggest sale. You still have to go to the supermarket to get your toilet paper and diapers.

    People actually still get in their cars and drive to shop fully clothed and during the day.



    Now I have to make a trip to the supermarket almost everyday. Because my driving is limited here, I have to depend on people to take me places when they have a spare hour and most of the hour is spent trying to negotiate and navigate LJ through the entire experience without him having a tantrum for one reason or another. And once I’m at the store, I have either forgotten what I needed to get or I have realized it’s way too overpriced and I refuse to get it until I find it cheaper elsewhere. But the problem is, there is no elsewhere. If by the grace of God I find an Australian internet site that has the same product, either it’s severely inflated or the shipping is ridiculous or most of the time both.

    Consequently I’m missing the US for the convenience of shopping from my own home.

    Currently, I’m in search of good organic food mainly for children, educational toys for LJ, and a nice, warm comforter for my bed. Back home, if I couldn’t make it to the actual stores like Wholefoods or Toys R Us or Bed Bath and Beyond, I could quickly get everything at once through Amazon. These mere shopping excursions have become crusades because I have been unable to get them in stores here (due to lack of time, resources, driving on my own ability, and due to an impatient toddler) and I cannot find them on the internet. So I’m pleading to anyone who reads this, send me great legitimate shopping websites from Australia or email Amazon and demand that they provide international shipping for all their products not just a select few or better yet tell them to open a store in Australia! If Amazon doesn’t have anyone to run their Australian store, I would be more than happy to help!

    I need to shop. I don’t have time to shop. I need the internet. I need to internet shop. NOW!

    Until then, maybe if MJ and I go around looking like this:

    MJ and I

    Aussie stores will be more inclined to open up more web stores.

    What do you think?  Do you think it might work?

    Is it worth a try?

    At this point, I’m desperate.

    I’m willing to try anything.

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    5 thoughts on “Amazon withdrawal

    • I am so glad I came across your blog via YDU–
      I NEEEED Amazon too– right freaking now. I am still ordering stuff from there (on my Amazon prime acct), having it shipped to my mom in Florida, and having her send it here monthly– and I think it’s still cheaper than buying it in Sydney– it’s crazy!
      I have to go finish reading more of your blog now.

    • Tors says:

      Actually Coles and Woolies have Homeshop services where you can buy your groceries online and have them delivered… but only if you live in Sydney or Melbourne. Why they can’t get it together and put it in the other cities, I’ll never know. Grrr.

      I hear ya on shopping with a toddler. I usually wait ’til Jason goes to preschool before I venture to the grocery store…or til Kirk is home on the weekend. BTW, how’s livin’ with your in-laws going?

      Take care!

    • Tors says:

      P.S. My mother is visiting from the US, and from what she’s told me, prices in the US have gone up so much in the past few months that there isn’t much difference to buying here anyway. At least where groceries are concerned. Books, on the other hand… *head explodes*

    • Kim (aus2007 from YDU) says:

      I don’t know if this will be of use to you in your area, but I have bookmarked this organic foods site: http://www.kombuwholefoods.com.au/

      I totally hear you on the lack of internet shopping. It’s been a huge disappointment to me as well. That, and no pay at the pump. Now that’s just wrong.

    • Ah, there you are! Too bad you’re not in Sydney!- Well too bad for me (not you).

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