• American’s Survival Guide

    I was looking through this website tidying up any loose ends that had come undone as I had been absent from it for so long and I came across an Amazon link to Americans’ Survival Guide to Australia and Australian-American Dictionary and I had to do a double take! Were my eyes deceiving me? I couldn’t believe it. Someone actually wrote and published a book about Americans guide to Australia! All this time and there was a reference book I could have been looking through to help me with my everyday Aussie encounters and questions! By the looks of the index it has it all! From entering the country to the education system to buying real estate and so forth! Oh, I can’t believe I was so ignorant, not having had this cheat sheet from the very beginning! Instead I had to learn all the Australianisms on my own through trial and error! I must rectify that situation immediately! Hello Amazon, I need to buy a book, now!

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