• Australians tend to be a bit succinct

    Nearly 5 years now and I’m still learning new terms and phrases.

    Today I heard an ad on the radio about cars. I wasn’t paying much attention to it until they advertised (wow, I typed it with an S rather than a Z) something called a People Mover.  WTF is a People Mover?? According to Wiki, it’s a train but I don’t think that’s what the car company was selling.

    As a matter of fact, a People Mover is actually a MINI VAN!  Can you believe it?  I suppose you would need a mini van if you have a lot of people to move from one place to another, so why not bypass the formalities and get to the point?  Don’t waste time. Tell people exactly what you want.  Need to use the bathroom?  You’re not after the restroom or the ladies room and if you don’t plan on taking a bath, then you must ask for a toilet, for instance, May I use your toilet?  or Where’s the nearest toilet?

    Concise and succinct – the Australian way – except for when they’re not.

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