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    5 thoughts on “Time’s running out

    • aus2007 says:

      There’s still time, but yeah, you should hurry. Here’s a link, if you need one:


      We just printed out the absentee ballots, filled them out, and mailed them to the county clerk in the last NJ county we lived in. I think there’s also an option to fax them, but I’m not sure about that??

    • Y says:

      Cool! Thanks. Wish I had seen this one before I sent out our voter registration and request for absentee ballot to be sent in the mail. So you already voted?

    • aus2007 says:

      Oh, no, sorry, I didn’t mean to say we filled out our ballots, I meant we filled out our applications FOR our ballots. They received them in NJ (DH called to confirm), and our ballots should be to us within a week or so, I think.

    • Y says:

      Oh ok! So it’s the same thing we did just today from another site. Who do you call to confirm?

    • aus2007 says:

      DH called the County Clerk’s office (in our case, in Morristown). It goes by whatever county you lived in before you moved, provided you were there more than a certain number of months (not sure how many).

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