• 2008 recap

    It’s now 2009 in Australia while in the States there are a few more hours still of 2008. As my hubby plays with his Xbox 360, I’m sitting here thinking about how 2008 was a crazy year for us.

    From January 2008 to just recently our lives have been in a whirlwind of lots of firsts, transitions, changes, and adjustments. It starts off with us packing up our things. Leaving our house and moving into a hotel as we travel from NJ to Australia. MJ getting reaquainted with his Australian roots as I endeavor to learn how to drive on the other side of the road. I start a new job. We find out we’re pregnant with our second child. LJ becomes ill and has to be hospitalized. We buy a house. And a hundred other things we encountered, experienced, and endured in 2008.

    We survived 2008 but we hope that 2009 is a smoother one with a much less whirlwind and with more happier Australian moments and more Australian friends and family and visits to the US.

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

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    • Holly says:

      Happy New Year! I’m sure 09 will be much easier for you. Hope your little one is better.
      Christmas food sucks in Oz, and it’s so fricken hot on the Gold Coast. I have most Aussies LOVE Mexican/Spanish food so bring it on and educate them. We’re actually doing carne asada burritos tonight. Do you have Nando’s in Tassie? They make a good hot sause but I’m sure you can make your own.

      Take care! Holly

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