• When feathered friends attack

    I had written about how aggressive the ducks are here.  Well the agression isn’t limited to Australian ducks.  It seems that all Australian bird species are fiesty little buggers.

    A few months ago, we were nearly attacked by a plover (yes those annoying birds that keep me awake throughout the night and morning).  MJ had to swat it away repeatedly so it could go away and let us walk through the nature reserve.  A few weeks ago, we were at a local wildlife park and these native hens chased us around because we had food.  We had to run away fast to just get away from them.  Today, we saw some black swans coming toward us.  We had bread easily available so we started to throw bread so they could peck at it.  They were fine toward us at first until the ducks wanted in on the action.  We threw some bread for the ducks and the male swan would attack any duck that came near the bread.  We felt sorry for the ducks and decided that the mean swans weren’t going to get anymore of our bread so we started to walk away.  Then I hear the pitter patter of webbed feet behind us.  I look back and the male swan had his wings outstretched running after MJ while hissing.  MJ stopped and the swan still charged toward him.  MJ had to growl at it and wave his arms menacingly for the swan to back off.  Poor LJ was so upset by the incident that he refused to share his bread with any of them and he kept close to me at all times.  He’s going to have nightmares about those damn birds.

    Oh, I just remembered a couple of years ago while visiting a wildlife park somewhere in Australia – MJ was chased off by a goose!  Hmm, we either tend to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with aggressive birds or Australian birds just don’t like us.

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