• Is it me…

    Or are Australians are so truly laid back to the point that they’re sooooo slow??

    We were out running errands today so we didn’t get a chance to cook dinner so we quickly went into town to a fast food place to get some pasta. It took 25 minutes to get 1 bowl of spaghetti. I could have done my own spaghetti with homemade sauce in that time. And what’s sad is that this isn’t my only experience with someone that slow here. It seems EVERY restaurant and “fast” food place is the same. I’m sorry I just cannot believe that every place that we go to makes their food on the spot. We do try to go to good places where there is some sort of healthy choice but I’m pretty most of them have prepared foods that they stick in the oven or microwave when it’s ordered. So what gives?

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