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    When in Australia, you do as Australians do…so I have been wrestling crocs. Just kidding. But we have been spending a great deal of time in the great outdoors.

    LJ loves being outside no matter what the weather is like. I say that’s the Australian in him because I’m sure the American in him would rather pay someone else to be outside in the rain. Anyway, since my little one loves being outside we tend to go to a lot of parks and playgrounds. As I mentioned before Australia is very kid friendly – so much so that there tends to be a fully equipped playground nearly less than a 5 minute walk from any direction!

    Also there are plenty of wildlife parks to take your children to see and feed the wonderful animals of Australia. I haven’t taken LJ to any of these yet because he has no fear of animals and he’ll be more than willing to give a Tasmanian Devil a cuddle so we’ve been waiting a bit before taking him. We will probably go in early Spring (September/October).

    And we can’t wait for Summer again to go to the beach again. Although we would normally go to the beach even if it was cold for a nice walk along the sand, LJ is a bit adventurous and would run into the ocean even in the freezing cold so I think we’ll just wait until the weather would make it enjoyable to run in after LJ in the ocean!

    TrainAnother pastime we have encountered is visiting markets (flea markets). If you have read my earlier posts, you know I’m not a fan of flea markets unless I can buy some freshly squeezed lemonade and hot zeppolis (which by the way don’t exist in Australia). Despite my dislike of flea markets, the markets here aren’t too bad. Yes they have the traditional crap that people try to sell at ridiculous prices but also they have pony rides and working steam engines for the little ones! So, of course, LJ tends to go on many times whenever we get a chance to visit.

    Ok, I’ll continue this later. Gotta eat something other than a Snickers bar.

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