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    my dream cubby houseI’m in desperate need for a cubby house. 

    LJ cries whenever he sees one.  His cousin has one and he loves it.  And we were in Kmart not too long ago and there was a display cubby house which was really flimsy and small (he had to duck his head to be in it) and he refused to get out.  I had to get on my hands and knees and pull him out.  I had to drag him away kicking and screaming while I felt like the most horrible mommy there is.  So in short, he wants one so bad.  And since I had wanted a playhouse/treehouse in the States when I was a kid and never got it, I really want to get him one.  But damn!  They’re a mortgage payment!  WTF??  It’s just wood! 

    There are prefabricated ones and DIY ones but they’re so expensive, plus the cost of shipping it here.  For a plain decent one, it’s about $1500.  And if MJ ever gets around to building one, it will cost just the same if not more.  We really can’t afford to pay more than $500 (and even that is pushing it) but I can’t seem to find anything decent for that price.  And I’ve scoured the net looking for something. There are lots of Australian websites for cubby houses but they’re all very, very, very expensive. I even found cubby houses big enough for all of us to live in! So I gather, Australian children and their parents sure do love their outdoor cubby houses. And LJ deserves to be like other Australian children! Anyone know where I could find a good cubby house that is big enough and sturdy enough to fit an adult as well for under $500???

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    • Tors says:

      Trading Post? Freecycle? (I know that’s wishful thinking, but hey… ya never know)

      BTW, my kids don’t have a cubby house, and they’re Australian…
      (not that we would have anywhere to put one anyway on this postage-stamp “courtyard” we’ve got)

    • Y says:

      I did try Trading Post but nothing. I have tried eBay but damn even more expensive. I didn’t know there was Freecycle in Australia but I’ll give it a look. Craigslist doesn’t have a page for Tasmania so no luck there either. I’ve checked the wanted ads in the local paper no luck. I see a lot of houses with their little cubby houses out the back but they’re not selling them! My poor little man wants one and since we hope to have other children it would be great for all of them, if we ever find one within our means.

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