• Looking for a house

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    2 thoughts on “Looking for a house

    • Tors says:

      Trading Post? Freecycle? (I know that’s wishful thinking, but hey… ya never know)

      BTW, my kids don’t have a cubby house, and they’re Australian…
      (not that we would have anywhere to put one anyway on this postage-stamp “courtyard” we’ve got)

    • Y says:

      I did try Trading Post but nothing. I have tried eBay but damn even more expensive. I didn’t know there was Freecycle in Australia but I’ll give it a look. Craigslist doesn’t have a page for Tasmania so no luck there either. I’ve checked the wanted ads in the local paper no luck. I see a lot of houses with their little cubby houses out the back but they’re not selling them! My poor little man wants one and since we hope to have other children it would be great for all of them, if we ever find one within our means.

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