• It has been 119 days since I’ve been living in Australia, but who’s counting…

    Yep, I’ve been here for nearly 4 months and I’m still missing home like crazy – mainly because I’m bored so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy as much as possible.

    In the next few days I am going try to post about what there is to do in Australia when you’re not comfortable driving on your own and you’re a SAHM to a toddler.

    First and foremost:
    An amazing thing about Australia is that a lot of places cater to families. For instance, the local parking garage has a Parents’ room with diaper changing facilities, microwaves, and nursing rooms. You can find these Parents’ rooms in airports and amusement parks as well. The only similar room I had seen like that in the States was the Mother’s Room at Babies R Us and it was not as equipped as the Parents’ Room in Australia. So when you go out in public with your child, rest assured you will find a private place to feed your child and change his diaper.

    Now on to the public outings with your toddler:
    There is a national playgroup federation in Australia called (you guessed it) Playgroup Australia. Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organization reliant on community and member organization support to provide regular playgroup sessions to parents and children. So on a weekly basis (and sometimes 2x a week) you have several community places to take your child to where he can run around and enjoy himself while you get to chat with other mothers (assuming your little one lets you actually spend time with someone other than him, which LJ, of course, won’t let me do).

    Another thing to do with your child is to go to the local library. Yes, people in Australia still use the library! Can you believe it?? Since books are expensive here, a lot of people still visit the library.

    The library tends to be kid friendly by offering playgroups as well and having a great big room with endearing children’s books easily accessible for both parent and child. As a result, LJ has his own library card as do I. And since we go to the library at least once a week and they have a wonderful website where you can browse books from home and put them on your holds list and then pick it up when it’s available, LJ and I have been reading a fair bit. So not only are we getting an outing away from the house, we’re also reading whenever we have a chance!

    Tomorrow, I’ll talk about other things to do with your toddler down under…Right now, hubby is home for lunch and he wants me to share his nuts for lunch (cashews!)

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    One thought on “It has been 119 days since I’ve been living in Australia, but who’s counting…

    • Tors says:

      Hey! Glad to hear you’re keeping yourself busy & getting out of the house – that’s very important for an SAHM! 🙂 We used to go to the library’s weekly storytime when Jason was younger. It’s great.

      And I have to say, I really love the parents’ rooms at shopping centres here.

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