• There’s trash everywhere

    Yesterday, I had a craving for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups so my hubby took me to a candy store (that’s confectionary shop in Australia) where they sell some American candy.  On our way out and back to the car, I saw a little girl about 3 years old and her mother walking toward us.  The little girl was crying and begging her mother to pick her up.  Her mother was carrying about 3 boxes of cell phones (that’s mobile phones in Australia) and telling her daughter “no”.  As they passed me, I saw why the little girl was begging to be carried.  SHE WORE NO SHOES!  SHE WAS BAREFOOT!  This 3 year old was walking barefoot on hot, filthy pavement and the mother was refusing to pick her up.  I understand she had her hands full but 1. where were the girls shoes?  2. why couldn’t she put the boxes in a bag?  3.  where was the girl’s stroller?  4.  why couldn’t the girl help the mom carry the boxes as the mom carried the girl?

    I stopped and just watched the mother and her desperate child in utter disbelief.  Then I saw where they went.  They went into a pawn shop.  She must have went there to pawn those phones.  The poor child had to struggle the torment of walking barefoot on disgusting pavement because mommy (that’s mummy in Australia) wanted to get a quick buck at the pawn shop.  I guess that explains where her shoes and stroller must have went.

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    3 thoughts on “There’s trash everywhere

    • elsja says:

      It really grosses me out that so many kids walk around barefoot. I hate having gross dirty feet. And on hot pavement… its not cool.

    • Tors says:

      OK, I admit I let my kiddo run around without shoes sometimes. We live in the Northern Territory and there’s a saying about kids and keeping their shoes on… ie. doesn’t happen. LOL. Also, the Aborigines don’t wear shoes as a rule.

      But not on the pavement. Just..no.

    • Y says:

      And I imagine that if your child was begging to be picked up because he/she didn’t have shoes on and the city pavement was hot, you would pick them up. This mother refused. Poor kid.

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