• Here ya go, oops nevermind

    We got our car back again yesterday!  The final bill was $1500.  Now I know that the mechanic pulled the $1500 out of his ass because supposedly it was costing that much because he needed to schedule the car for a whole day job and not little by little job, so that day was supposedly going to be Monday.

    When MJ was told the problem on Monday, he had asked if he could take the car back home to wait until the following Monday.  The mechanic said that he had already taken the engine out so he couldn’t take the car.  That was quick.

    On Wednesday, we were told there were other issues with the car.  Some, we said, fix, and some, we said no to because it was obvious he was trying to get more money.

    Then the car was ready for pickup on Thursday. What happened to the whole day job?  What happened to not being able to work on it little by little?

    Well, I picked up the car and was told the car was in excellent running condition now.  As soon as I pulled out of their parking lot, I heard a noise.  And I continued to hear the noise all the way back home.  I didn’t want to bother MJ at work regarding the noise just in case it was just something shifting around the back.  After dinner, MJ and I went for a drive so he could hear the noise and he heard it.

    Now it’s Friday, and the car is back in the shop.  I’m having a crappy day…nevermind, I’m having a crappy week.  Well, I guess I should look on the bright side:  Australian car mechanics are just as shady as American ones that I have encountered.

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