• A revelation…

    LJ has been out to almost every restaurant within the 25 mile radius of our house since he was born and even more so since we have begun the moving process due to the lack of time and energy to make a healthy home cooked meal. Anyway, going out to eat at a restaurant is not foreign to LJ at all. However, he has recently been demonstrating his unwillingness to cooperate as he asserts his independence from Mommy and Daddy (AKA Temper Tantrums – Big ones – Scary, Bloodcurdling, Intimidating, Thundering Tantrums).

    Usually we’re able to redirect him and/or distract him with a favorite toy or new trinket (AKA Bribery). However, our little boy has grown wise and impatient with his parents frantic attempts to see through the terrible twos so eating out has become increasingly difficult.

    The other night we went out to eat as a family – not anything fancy, just a couple of burgers at Fuddruckers (yes, say that really fast and you’ll get a rude word out). And I had a revelation. As LJ screamed at the top of his lungs because he didn’t want to sit down, throwing packets of sugar across the room, flailing his arms, kicking his legs all over the place, arching his back and turning into a big sack of unstable sand, every time we tried to pick him, I realized that in less than 3 months we would be traveling on 3 flights (totaling 24 hours of flight time) and staying in 2 different hotels with a toddler!

    Then the fear set in…

    LJ is going to be intolerable on the flights. He is going to turn into an overtired and overstimulated, screaming, spasming banshee as soon as the first plane takes off. We’re going to get snide remarks such as “what’s wrong with him?” “can’t you control that thing?” “what kind of parents are you?” or “why don’t you drug him?” People are going to shoot daggers at us with their menacing glares. He’s going to run through the aisles and knock food and other items off the passenger tray tables. He’s going to cuss the flight attendants in his gibberish baby talk. We’re going to be trapped with a monster toddler in a cramped coach cabin with about 350 irate, haggard travelers.

    Or we will get kicked out of the plane and won’t be able to fly to our destinations. We’ll be stuck in a huge airport with a toddler on a rampage & 6 suitcases and 4 carryons, a stroller, a carseat, and a playpen.

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