• I have a secret…

    I previously posted that we have set a date as to when will be my last day at work and we have written a rough draft of my resignation later….but….

    my job still doesn’t know that I will be leaving.

    I have to give them 60 days notice that I will be resigning so I do have plenty of time to let them know of my intentions. However, it’s strange going to work and hearing everyone gripe about the job and in my head, I’m shouting with delight “na nana na naa”.

    The other day we had a meeting and our supervisor told us of some things that need to be done after January. If I weren’t leaving, I would have been fuming with all the extra work that’s being thrown at us. But since, I won’t be around for the bulk of it, I’m taking it easy. My coworkers, on the other hand, aren’t as casual about it. I looked around the room and saw my coworkers faces. I could see it in their eyes and clenched lips. They just wanted to reach over the table and slap our supervisor senseless. Meanwhile, in my head, I’m giggling like a little school girl with a secret.

    I’ve only told one person from work that I will be leaving. She shares an office with me and I was ranting and raving about a presentation I was told I have to do and I let it slip saying that I don’t know why am I even doing this when I’m leaving soon anyway. I swore her to secrecy like a junior high schooler making pinky swears. I do want to tell some people that I’m close to at work but the problem is that I’m not sure how well they keep secrets since I have heard some juicy ones from them in my 7 years working there.

    But what’s the big deal anyway? Well, as I had mentioned earlier, it’s been a love-hate relationship with my job as it has gone through so many transitions. This year has been the worst with so many people losing their jobs due to budget cuts. Therefore, the remaining people have to pick up the slack so everyone is STRESSED. And, while I may be wrong, I wonder about when they do find out that I will be leaving if they will try to throw some last minute jobs at me and/or treat me any differently. Trust me, I have more than my share of crazy to put with at work until I leave plus I have to make sure I organize files and properly hand over the reigns to my replacement.

    In the meantime, I’m going to keep my secret until it’s time to give my 60 days notice and I will secretly dance in my office with sheer joy that I will not get walked on anymore after January…until I find my next madhouse job in Australia.

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