• I’m a quitter

    I know I was supposed to give detailed posts of what was happening while I was waiting for my laptop and I haven’t.  Mainly because I didnt have time and to be honest, sometimes I’m a bit lazy so when I do have time I can’t be bothered to do anything productive.  Isn’t that horrible??  But can you really blame me?  I have a toddler!  Anyway, I’m here and that’s what matters.

    For the life of me, I have no idea what else I had wanted to post regarding what had been going on during my laptop hiatus other than I saw a job advertisement in the newspaper and I applied to it thinking I wouldn’t even be considered due to not having that particular work experience they needed.  But I was surprised when not only did I get an interview, I was actually hired!  I must have made an impression on them to have this ditzy American hacking up a lung in the middle of the interview (oh year, I was really sick when I had my interview) who openly said she had no experience working with this particular population to be hired. 

    I had debated not taking the job because of my lack of experience but also because of the pay.  However, since everyone was so nice and it seemed like a friendly environment I did accept the position.  Once I started the job, I found out there was another American working in the agency!  Awesome!  Although he has been Australian-ized since he didn’t have a significant American accent.

    Unfortunately after only 2 weeks on the job, I had to resign due to personal reasons I can’t share online in the interest of not naming names.  It was very difficult to give my notice but it had to be done.  I felt horrible.  My first Australian job and I’m leaving it after only 2 weeks and most likely, burning bridges in my field.  Luckily, my supervisor was very understanding and accommodating.  He even offered another position in the agency if it becomes available in the next couple of weeks.  So while I am walking away from one position, in a few weeks I may have another position to go to within the same agency.  And this new position will best suit my needs at the moment. 

    I’m truly amazed that despite my short appearance at the agency and my hasty withdrawal, they’re willing to work with my needs to keep me on. 

    Since I work in a field that confidentiality is a must, I’m unable to reveal the name of the wonderful agency involved but it is a place filled with nice, friendly, competent people (which can’t easily be said of many places) but I do hope this is across the board in Australia.

    In any event, I now have more free time available to spend with LJ, read, do some of my hobbies, and make some friends…well until a new position opens up.

    Until then, I’m here so please drop me a note or two.

    Oh by the way, if in case I forget or become too lazy to post, I’m going to a ball tomorrow!  Yes a BALL!  Just like Cinderella!  And I have nothing to wear.  Hubby told me it was a charity fundraiser and that while formal attire was required it was no biggie!  Now I have the invitation in my hands and I see it’s listed as a BALL!  OMIGOD!  What am I going to do???  To be continued…

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