• Keeping myself on track

    The other day at work I had some time to waste so I re-did the timeline checklist that I did a while ago of what we need to do before and after we move – beginning with what “to do 6 months prior the move” (i.e. create inventory of keeping, selling, donating, etc.,) and ending with “to do within week of arriving at destination” (i.e. apply for tax file ID, find out on what channels are my favorite TV shows, etc.,).

    And we are so behind already. By this point, we had thought that the contents from the basement, 2 spare bedrooms, computer room, closets and some items from the main living areas would be gone – but no, it hasn’t happened yet. We still have hotels that need to be booked. We have cars that need to be rented. We have resumes that need to be updated. We have financial matters that still need to be cleared up. And heaps of other things more!

    So in short,
    We have 4 months left to go & we have 6 months left of stuff to do!

    Well, I made the checklist prettier using different fonts & colors and printed it out. (It was originally 3 pages, now it’s 4 pages). I now just have to put it where I will remember to look at it more often. Maybe I can sticky-tape it to the TV?

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