• What I’ve learned about the US

    Unlike my wife, I’m from a fairly small city in Australia (around 100,000 people), therefore I’ve found that life is a bit different in the US.

    Some of the differences that I’ve found are:


    • Turn signals are entirely optional (and hardly ever used)
    • Speed limits are also optional
    • If you don’t start driving at the exact time a light turns green, you will get beeped at
    • Not turning on red lights is optional in NJ (Although if you decide not to, you will get beeped at)
    • People really do not understand the concept of a 4-way stop intersection
    • A lot of people never actually did their own driving test. They paid someone else to do it for them
    • Worried about someone slamming their door into your car in a parking lot? Don’t park in NJ..


    • If you walk into welfare, sit there calmly, and then when you’re told to go up to the desk to speak to a welfare officer, pull out a bag with a sh@# in it and proceed to eat it, they’ll give you welfare payments!


    • A hot dog, and drink that costs $1.50 tastes pretty damn good! 🙂

    4th of July

    • Fireworks on the 4th of July are great! Just not on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th at 1:00 in the morning!


    • Most McDonalds restaurants in this area have staff on the drive-thru who don’t speak English as their first language (or 2nd or 3rd!). If you order a “number one”, you may receive anything from a number three to six. The coke you order with that may also come as a sprite instead.

    Random things that I’ve seen:

    • What can only be described as “two mobsters” beating up another guy outside a bank. (“mobsters” meaning big guys in black clothing with slicked back hair. I thought that was only in the movies!). About 5 minutes later, we were stopped in traffic, because the same “mobster” guy was talking to the same “beat-up guy” who was in his car. The guy wearing black was standing next to his car about 2 cars in front of us, and passing a big wad of cash to the guy in the car. Meanwhile the light was green, but do you think anyone was beeping at them???

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