• I need closure

    I know I’ve complained a lot in my posts regarding the move. I have yet to write a happy, excited, whimsical, etc., post that just takes your breath away and makes you start making plans to uproot yourself and migrate to the land down under – and this one will be no exception.

    First off, I am sick. I am so sick. I am dying. OK, I’m not dying but I feel like it at times. Two ear infections and an upper respiratory infection. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So you can imagine how I feel. Plus, my hubby is sick as well so I have no one to baby me when I whimper in pain AND our son is also sick so there’s no commiseration. Our son comes first, no matter how much I feel like crap. If any of you have ever had to take care of a sick toddler, you can empathize.

    Although sometimes I like to fool myself, I know the Earth doesn’t stop spinning because I’m sick – to my dismay – so life has to go on. And my life right now consists of packing, selling, and moving.

    With less than 2 months to go, we have decided to focus on selling our car. It’s a great car. We bought it BRAND NEW. My first brand new car. Ah, I can still remember the smell of the newness when we got it – a couple of weeks after we were married and a day before my birthday. It was great and the car is still great – almost perfect (minus a few shopping cart dings and some scattered cheerios or fries in unreachable places). You can almost smell that same new smell. And we’re selling it below the Kelley Blue Book Value. So in my opinion, it’s a hot buy. However, with the market being the way it is and we’re just a sneeze away from a recession, I know cars are the last thing people want to buy as they struggle to pay for their mortgages to houses that are way overpriced so we expect negotiations on the car price. And we’re willing to be flexible.

    On Wednesday, we get a call from someone who’s interested in seeing our car. We answer their questions…they’re the same questions over and over: “What’s wrong with the car?” Nothing. “Why are you selling the car?” We’re moving overseas. “How’s the mileage?” Very low & great. “Any accidents?” Nope. “Any damage?” Just a few minor shopping cart dings. etc., etc.,. We schedule for him to come see it on Saturday. Great. Later that night, we get a call from the same couple wanting to know if they could come Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. We’re not too happy about that since we have plans for Thanksgiving but we say OK.

    On Thursday, they come and see the car. They ask the same questions again and we give them the same answers since we’re being honest. They thoroughly inspect it and take it for a test drive. They’re impressed and want the car but it’s a little more than they were willing to spend. They offer a $1,000 less. We say no – we want a bit more. We agree on a price for $700 less than what we were asking for. They want to pick it up tomorrow. We agree on a time and shake on it. After they leave, we start to panic. We basically sold our car and we still have about 2 months left of me going to work and running around. We need a car. What are we going to do?? So we start looking around for options. When we get back home from our Thanksgiving dinner, there’s a message on the machine. I call back and here it begins. Apparently, she went to see another car after agreeing to buy ours. It’s “similar” to ours and cheaper but they don’t want that car – they want ours – can we lower the price. I say no. We already agreed on something and that’s it. She says oh but there are “similar” cars on eBay selling for 1/3 less we’re asking for. Well if that’s the case then why are you still talking to me – go buy one of those. My hubby being a nice guy agrees to lower it by another $100 so now it’s $800 lower than what we were asking for. They have to get back to us. (By the way, we checked eBay. There were no similar cars selling for as low as we originally asked for. All the “similar” cars were going for $2,000 more).

    On Friday, we get a call saying they want the car. They will come on Saturday to complete the transaction.

    On Saturday, the girl shows up with a different guy. This new guy is a tire-kicker. He checks every single nook and cranny. He looks under the car and over it. He pushes down the car and slams the doors. He lowers the windows and asks ridiculous questions plus asks questions we answered already TWICE. He wants to test drive the car around the block. I’m annoyed at his point because she had already agreed to purchase the car so what’s the deal with the tire-kicker? My hubby goes with them for the test drive. A half-hour later, I’m thinking the worst. They have been in a crash or have kidnapped my hubby. I call the girl on her cell phone. They’re at a gas station. Twenty minutes later they arrive and they leave in their car. My hubby is mumbling something under his breath as he walks toward the house. Apparently, the tire-kicker refused to let the girl buy the car because he heard a “knock” in the engine for a few seconds. And although the mechanic at the gas station checked the car and said the car was in excellent condition and that if indeed there was a knock it was due to the weather being extremely cold out today and the oil reacting to it as it tends to happen but that there is nothing wrong with the car, the man just didn’t want anything to do it with it.

    Needless to say, we were livid. She wasted our time again. Most likely it’s a ploy to try to lower the price again in a week but I cannot believe how could anyone be so cruel and waste our time like that by agreeing to buy the car twice only to act like a child and say just kidding, made you look.

    I do hope it was just a ploy and that they do call back. I need to tell her off. I need to be ghetto and rip her a new one. I need closure.

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    • Tors says:

      Jeezus, sounds like you had the worst luck selling stuff before you made the move! I hope you got the closure you needed. 😉

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