• What happened to March???

    I just realized that I haven’t posted since February!  Wow, I’m such a slacker.  Oh well, life goes on.

    March was very busy for me.  Birthday parties. Finding out I have gestational diabetes and figuring out what I can and cannot eat.  Wrapping up at work so I can on maternity leave.  Writing my birth plan. Finding my way through the Australian hospital system particularly prenatal (antenatal) and labor (labour) and delivery.  AND creating our travel iterinaries to the US!

    Yes, we booked flights to go visit home after the baby is born!  We were able to find decent priced flights so we went ahead and booked it.  Now we just have other arrangements to make within the US!  I can’t wait!  My hubby asked me what’s the first stop when we go back to the US.  I quickly replied “Chevy’s!”  Mmmm, yummy generic Tex-Mex 🙂  Woo hoo!

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    One thought on “What happened to March???

    • Jan says:

      Aren’t airfares just great at the moment between the USA and Australia!!! I know of so many Aussie expats heading home in the next few months. Look after yourself. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

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