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    I woke up at 5:50am this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  MJ was sleeping soundly beside me and LJ slept like a baby in his room.  I debated what to do.  Do I get up and start my day or try to sleep or wake MJ up or something?  Well I was too lazy to get up out of bed because then I would have to pee and I couldn’t be bothered by that.  I poked MJ to see if he would wake up but he responded to my poke with a snore and turned away.  So I grabbed my cell phone (or as the locals say, mobile).  I thought about snapping some pics of my sleeping hubby or of recording his snoring but I had visions of MJ putting videos of me on youtube.com as payback so I changed my mind.  Instead, I started to play with it for the next 30 minutes or so and guess what I discovered on my phone!  It has not only a currency converter from US to AUD and vice versa but also a metric converter as well!  How awesome is that?  So I learned that 2 feet is converted to 60.96 cm (that’s the width size of the fridge we need to buy).  All this time I’ve been trying to mentally calcuate these horrible conversions meanwhile it was only a touchpad away!  I’ll be whipping out my phone more often from now on!

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    • Tony says:

      Here’s a simple conversion that I used often when we converted from Miles to Kilometres. Just multiply by 6 and remove the last digit. So 100km/h is 100X6 = 600, then remove the last zero and you have 60 m/h. And given that the open road speed limit is usually 100km/h then you’ll travel 100km or 60miles in an hour.

      Cool! Thanks – Y

    • Y says:

      I’ll have to give that a try, Tony! Thanks! – Y

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