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    Last month, my husband, my 3 year old and my 3 month old, and I went to the US for a 3 week visit. Instead of Qantas, we went on VAustralia. As a result, instead, of our usual 3 plane trip to NJ, it turned out to be a 4 plane trip because at the time of booking VAustralia didn’t operate from Melbourne so we had to go from Melbourne to Sydney as an additional stopover. To add to the stress our flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed so we were in Melbourne’s airport for over 3 hours (fun when you have small kids to look after as well).

    One positive aspect of the delay was we met Hamish and Andy (for my American readers, they’re Australian radio personalities/comedians). We were sitting at the gate waiting anxiously for them to say that we were ready to board when I looked over at the pinball machine and saw a tall attractive man surrounded by other semi-attractive tall men. I turned to my husband and said “honey, do we know that guy? He looks very familiar.” And his response was “that Hamish from Hamish and Andy. Oh and there’s Andy too! They’re going to the US as well for their Caravan of Courage.” I had no idea what the last bit of what my husband said meant but I continued to check Hamish out and was thoroughly disappointed to find him wearing some real ugly blue flip-flops (or as the locals call them, thongs) and his red bikini underwear was sticking out from his tattered jeans. It was attractive then. Nonetheless, Hamish did seem like a nice guy, Andy, however, had a stick up his ass and couldn’t be bothered to talk or even smile at anyone.

    Anyway, back to my travel experience: I suffered some motion sickness on the airplane and the cabin crew regularly pissed me off. I managed to get my 3 month old to sleep in the bassinet they provided but every so often whenever the pilot turned on the fasten seatbelts sign I had to take the baby out of the bassinet and risk waking him up. I understand it’s for his safety. However, across the row there were 3 other babies in bassinets and it seemed the cabin crew was only interested in my baby because they let those sleeping babies lie, meanwhile not only would I be woken up to take the baby out, risk waking him up in the process, I also had to wake my 3 year old up because he would only sleep on me on the flight to the US. My husband, of course, missed all this while he snored peacefully in his seat.

    On the way back to Australia, the same happened. Once again it seemed they were only interested in my baby because they left the other babies alone in their bassinets. But not only did they make me take the baby out, they also actually took the bassinet away everytime there was a bit of turbulence. WTF?? And only to me!! Did those mothers say something that I hadn’t said to leave their babies alone?

    Other than their obsession with my baby, the VAustralia cabin crew were very nice and helpful. The kids were great. Everyone commented on how wonderful they were and they truly were great except for one instance. On the way back to Australia, LJ was extremely exhausted. Remember it’s a midnight flight and he should have been asleep for 3 hours already by that point. So he finally crashed once we were settled in our seats. Twenty minutes into the flight, LJ began having a night terror. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s one of those frightening experiences you don’t want your child to go through. Basically your child usually when overtired and over the age of 1 can wake up from sleeping but will be screaming and thrashing about. He may not even recognize you and no matter what you do or say you can’t calm him so you basically just have to wait it out. Well this is what happened to us for 10 minutes on the flight over.

    I will write more about my experience soon. Next post will be about the security screenings and how I was nearly tackled by an LAX security person!

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