• Need a cheap air fare

    The flights from Australia to the US are really expensive.  Nearly every day I look on the Qantas site hoping to find an incredible sale for 3 roundtrip tickets from Australia to somewhere in the US.  I don’t think I could go years without visiting back home so I had hoped to go again sometime at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  But unfortunately, fares are averaging to be $2500 per person.  However, if we were in the US and wanted to fly into Australia for a visit, the fare would be half that.  It’s not fair.  People from the other side of the world want to travel too.  And to think that Qantas is an Australian company!

    We’re looking forward to when V Australia (another Australian airline) starts in November of this year.  While at the moment you can pre-order seats, they’re way too expensive still.  So we’re hoping there will be some hefty competition between the 2 airlines that will make them drive their fares down and give us poor people the opportunity to visit the US.  Until then, I’m forced to keep looking and praying for an amazing fare of maybe $1000 roundtrip!  I know, keep dreaming.

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