• Too late

    This is going to be a hard post to write, so I ask for your forgiveness in advance.

    After searching for nearly a year, we found OK flights and we’re going back home to visit in September a few weeks ago. We were so excited. We didn’t tell anyone about the flights because we were going to surprise my mother. I could just picture it. It was going to be awesome.

    A couple of days ago I bought one of those new super lightweight suitcases and TSA approved case locks. I also received my Australian passport! NJ here we come, I thought.

    Yesterday, I received devastating news. My mother has passed away. She caught an infection that she just couldn’t shake. It came on suddenly and consumed her rapidly. She’s gone. I can’t believe it. Since the news, I have emptied myself of tears and now I’m just numb.

    Now the new suitcase sitting in my hallway reminds me that I last saw my mother 2.5 years ago. I last spoke to her about 2 weeks ago. I really wanted to let know about our big surprise but I kept it from her, although I had said to myself if she asked I would tell her because I was too excited and I didn’t want to lie to her. Every phone call with my mother consisted with her asking if we were visiting, except for this last call. She died thinking I wasn’t going to visit her this year.

    September will be here soon enough, but it will still be too late. I won’t have my mother there to surprise. When I pass by her house, she won’t be there any more. Most likely strangers would be calling that place home, never knowing that my mother once lived there and I was going to go visit her. Now all I will get to visit is a headstone.

    I told my husband that I would like cancel the trip altogether because NJ won’t be the same without my mother there driving me crazy as she should. It won’t be the fun-filled trip I had imagined but rather a sad, long, teary, lonely one.

    So my friends, what’s the moral of my short story? For those of you living far away (even for those who live near), call, write, email, Skype, and most importantly, visit your family and do it as often as you can. You will never know when it’ll be too late until it happens.

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