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    Ok, I know I have been out of touch for awhile with an occasional quick post here and there. I have so much to write about but I don’t know where to start. Well, I guess I’ll start with light-hearted post while I get used to my new laptop – plus, I was tagged to do this about 2 months ago and I have yet to do it.  So here it goes…

    The rules:
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    7 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me:

    1.  One of my biggest fears in life is of some type of alien or zombie invasion.  I’m afraid that one day I’m going to wake up and all the people that I love are dead or they have been replaced with pod-people or are flesh-eating zombies and I have to make the horrible decision of whether to kill them or kill myself or live in hiding all by myself.  I have no idea why that is.  I can only think the cause of this is being forced to watch hard-core 80’s horror movies as a kid – and when I say a kid, I really mean baby like 4 years old.  Great parenting.

    2. I love office supply stores!  In the US, we visited Staples at least once a week and not just visited, we lingered and bought lots of things.  By the time, we packed up our offices back in the US during our moves, we had at least a half dozen boxes full of office supplies and a lot of it still brand new.  I love Post-Its, scissors, pens, newly sharpened pencils, multi-colored printer paper, you name it, I love it and I had it.  We recently received a catalog for Officeworks (the Staples equivalent in Australia) and I circled a whole bunch of things I want for my upcoming birthday and any other holidays that require gift-giving.  Some items, I circled were 12 page cross-cut shredder, Dymo labeler, a laminator, 4 drawer filing cabinet (I already have a 2 drawer one), lots of binders, and a paper cutter.  Oh man, I would be so happy if I got all that. Most women would be happy with jewelry but office products turn me on.

    3. As you may have gathered from #2, I am a little OCD and I like being organized.  Ok, I more than like being organized, I need to be organized. I can’t think straight if something is out of whack (albeit I have gotten better ever since LJ was born – I haven’t had time to keep my clothes organized by keeping white shirts in one spot of the closet, reds in another and so forth).  MJ lovingly calls me Monica (from Friends).  She excessively cleaned and kept her house organized.  And there was one episode in which she happily said that she could use her shredder after she had spent hours organizing files that were no longer needed.  MJ just looked at me and said “one of the Friends writers must know you”.  Funny enough, I always thought MJ was a lot like Chandler (always making inappropriate jokes at the most inappropriate times).

    4. When I was in high school, I thought that by my current age I would be a multi-millionaire owning half the world, a happy mother of 4, and a doting wife to my charismatic Australian husband who spoke several languages including formal Spanish.  Well, my savings is pitiful so I’m no where near a multi-millionaire.  We don’t even own our house now let alone owning half the world.  I am a happy mother of 1 and a doting wife of a shy Australian who only knows how to say pendejo.

    5.  I don’t like coffee, at all.  Not even coffee flavored candies or ice cream.  But I used to LOVE coffee when I was a kid.  Again, I mean baby in place of kid.  I remember drinking coffee in a baby bottle when I was about 4 years old.  Once again, great parenting.  (Perhaps, so I would be hyped up on caffeine and not fall asleep in case those horror movies came back to haunt me).  And not only once a day, several times a day I would drink coffee up until I was about 15 years old and I quit, cold turkey.  But I still love going down the coffee aisle at the supermarket and taking a big, long whiff of that wonderful Colombian bag of pureed beans.

    6.  Keanu Reeves is on my “list”.  All you ladies, know what list I’m talking about.  MJ’s not happy about it but he has no choice but to accept it, mainly because it will probably never happen but he can’t deprive a girl of a nice fantasy.

    7.  I am such a nerd and so incredibly boring that it took me a ridiculously long time to complete this post!  I had to ask MJ for help.  And I am not creative enough to make up my own remarkable facts about me.  That’s really sad.  So sorry, that I put you through this and I hope you’re still awake!

    And the next lucky seven are: 

    Shannon, and for the life of me, I can’t think past 1 or 2 people to tag!  I don’t have many friends who blog and some of the blogs that I do read, I don’t know their first names.  Does Myspace & Facebook pages count?  If so, then I could probably add a few more.  How pathetic!  I need to make more friends who spend time on the internet.

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