• No more Craigslist

    I have had it with Craigslist. I give up.

    For 2 weeks, I have had email exchanges with a woman interested in buying a kitchen block cart that cost us $100. It was rarely used. We just used it as a microwave stand so it’s in perfect condition. We were asking for $35 and of course there’s always room for negotiation – if you must.

    During our email exchange, she wanted the cart. Wonderful. We set up a time for this afternoon. Well, an hour after our scheduled time, we get a call saying she’s on her way. Strike one. Fifteen minutes later, there’s a knock on the door. MJ answers as I was in the midst of building a tower of blocks with LJ. My hubby, who is genuinely a nice person, answers the door with a hello and this is how the exchange proceeded at the door:

    MJ: Hello –
    Craigslist woman: The cart.

    Strike two.

    Try to picture a beastly elderly woman who yells at kids who inasmuch as just pass in front of her house too close to her over-grown lawn.

    MJ: Um, yea –
    Craigslist woman: Well bring it closer so I can see it.

    Hubby brings the cart to the door.

    Craigslist woman whispers something to who I’m assuming is her daughter about how good it would look in her kitchen.

    Craigslist woman: I’ll give you $25 for it.

    MJ, stunned that she had the audacity to lower the price after she had said she wanted it before and seeing that it was in excellent condition, looks at me. I’m still pissed that she was over an hour late and she’s being rude rather than asking nicely.

    MJ: No, sorry we can’t take anything lower than $40.

    MJ hadn’t realized that I had already lowered the price to $35 beforehand.

    Craigslist woman: You had it advertised for lower than that.

    MJ checks the price on the ad to be sure.

    MJ: Oh sorry, hadn’t realized we had lowered it already. That’s the best we can do.

    The woman whispers again to her daughter.

    Craigslist woman: Fine, I’ll give you the $35 but you will have to fix it and take it to the car.

    Strike three.

    Ok, before I continue, let me clarify a couple of things, this woman is totally rude. Second, my husband is a gentleman. Whenever we have sold something to any woman, regardless the size of the item, he has offered to take it to the car and, on several occasions, he has even packed the items in the car for them and we have also given them stretchy cords to hold the item in place if need be.

    Me: Fix what?
    Craigslist woman: It’s crooked.
    MJ & Me (in unison): What’s crooked?
    Craigslist woman: The shelf.

    MJ looks closer. He doesn’t see anything crooked.

    Craigslist woman: Fix it and take it to the car. And I’ll take it. I’m going to wait in the car.

    Then she leaves and waits in the car!

    MJ and I thoroughly inspect the shelf in question. I don’t see anything wrong with it. MJ gets the measuring tape out and measures everything. From the floor to one end of the shelf, it measured 59 centimeters. On the other end from floor to shelf, it measure 59 1/2 centimeters. 1/2 a centimeter. Are you kidding me???? MJ tries to adjust it but there isn’t much he can do. For about 5 minutes, I’m trying to tell MJ to tell her take it or leave it but he’s too nice so he continues to adjust it until he finally gives up. The daughter comes to the door to see what’s going on. MJ explains the 1/2 centimeter difference and she doesn’t mind it and says that her mom won’t see it. So MJ takes it to the car. A couple of minutes later, he comes inside and says “That’s it. No more Craigslist. I’ll sooner give away everything than deal with people like that.”

    Can you believe the nerve of some people?

    First: She was late. No phone call to tell us that.
    Second: She was rude. Come on say hello.
    Third: She tried to negotiate a price that was already agreed upon and she was very crude about it.
    Fourth: Demanding that it be fixed when there was just a 1/2 centimeter difference. And demanding that it be taken to her car which we would have done anyway.
    Fifth: Leaving and waiting in the car as if she couldn’t be bothered with peasants like us.
    Sixth: Not even one thank you.

    We will have to find another way of getting rid of our stuff. We don’t have the patience to deal with another impolite bargain-hunter which is unfortunate because we have met some nice people through Craigslist who we haven’t minded selling our things to. But it seems we have dealt with more idiots than the pleasant ones. If we have to attend to another brute, believe me when I say it’s going to get ugly…

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    2 thoughts on “No more Craigslist

    • Tors says:

      Wow, you have way more patience than me. At strike 3, I would’ve said, “Look this isn’t going to work. Goodbye!” and shut the door. $35 isn’t worth it.

    • Sam says:

      I am a bit late to your blog, but I am enjoying rummaging around. I just wanted to say – good grief – you had far more patience than I think many people would have had. I mean for goodness sake – she couldn’t possible expect store-bought-perfection!!! How perfectly rude, although I like to think of the two you laughing at this memory by now! 😉

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