• Selling our personal property

    Since we can’t take much with us, we have to sell a lot of our things. This has been extremely difficult. Besides the obvious of not wanting to part with OUR stuff, it’s how do we go about selling everything?

    Classified ads? Crap sales (a.k.a. Yard sales)? Flea markets? Flyers? eBay? Craigslist?

    First of all, time is precious so we don’t have a weekend to waste sitting around hoping someone will buy something. Plus we need to set a date, get a permit, and take all our stuff to the lawn while we have a kid running around. Sounds like a lot of work. Most importantly, we’re not fond of strangers rummaging through our personal property and trying to haggle down the price we tearfully put on something we loved as a reminder that our fond memories will mean nothing to them. Crap sales are out of the question.

    Flea markets – see above.

    We placed a few ads in the classifieds but with no luck. It seems like the people who call don’t know much about using a phone and leaving a message. We’ve had people call over and over but left no messages. I’m not one to check the caller ID and ring these people back saying that I saw their number on my caller ID. Too tacky. We also had an elderly lady call who left a message but unfortunately when it came time to leaving her own telephone number for a callback, she ended up reciting our phone number right back to us. While yes, we could have just gotten her phone number form the caller ID, we figured if she had difficulty reciting a phone number and knowing the difference between her phone number and the number she saw in the newspaper, negotiating prices on items was going to be a taxing one. So classifieds are out.

    We’ve posted numerous flyers in supermarkets throughout the neighboring towns and not one single response has come of it. It seems that every time we post a flyer some sneaky little gnome comes out of the woodworks and takes it down! So no more flyers for us.

    Ebay on the other hand has been great to sell a lot of the baby’s goods – mainly clothes. When I had him I had hoped to keep all his little onesies & booties & hats & everything else like an old pack rat (hubby’s bad habits are rubbing off) but since we’re not going to grow old in this house after all, I kept whatever could fit in one box and listed the other things on eBay. We’ve had luck with those listings – selling for more than I had anticipated but we’ve also had about 2 non-payments from the same buyer who by the way is no longer a registered user. Other than that unfortunate experience eBay is the way to go for small items that could be easily shipped via USPS. We haven’t had luck with “pick up only” listings.

    For bigger items, we have tried Craigslist. We have sold a fair bit through Craigslist but for each item we sell to a nice, legitimate person we get 10 emails from weirdos or cheapskates. Some examples of weirdo:

    – a plain email with solely this written: looking for table saw and chop saw
    Um, buddy, how about some type of salutation? And, if we didn’t list it, we’re not selling it.

    -or a lengthy exchange of emails between an interested party and myself with questions regarding size, color, function, it’s meaning in life, etc., only for that person to become a no-show.

    -or someone wanting a dresser to be shipped to them.

    -or a plain email with solely this written: I want to buy your stuff
    Ok, great, but what stuff exactly since I have a lot of stuff we’re selling?? Then having the nerve to be indignant because I asked for clarification??

    Some examples of cheapskate:

    -wanting to pay only $50 for a NEVER USED BRAND NEW $400 Proform Elipitcal (which were generously only asking for $150) and wanting delivery included with the price.

    -or someone saying they refuse to pay more than $15 when we were asking $30 and when we specifically said we’re in no rush to sell that item at the moment.

    -or someone just wanting to come over and have a browse. We’re not a department store!

    Here are some Craigslist pointers for you:

    • If you are interested in something, please specify what you’re interested in.
    • We’ll answer & discuss any questions you have.
    • If there is a price negotiation to be had, it will be done beforehand.
    • Then we’ll make arrangements for you to come have a look at it with the intention to buy.
    • If it turns out, the item is not what you were looking for after all that’s fine but you can’t come over for a browse or to haggle prices and don’t have us waiting for you!

    Ok, I’ll step off my soapbox for now & maybe post some more things on Craigslist.

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