• A little sad

    I was reading one of my favorite blogs from one an American mother living in Sydney and her latest post was about Costco opening in her area.  And I became so sad.  Melbourne has enjoyed Costco for at least the past year.  Sydney just opened up their Costco and there are plans for a couple of more throughout the mainland. There are no plans for Tasmania.

    One of my Melbourne readers has had the luxury of getting Monterey Jack cheese and some other American products from her Costco.  While I would be in Heaven for just the American products being offered in Costco, I also want to get Australian bulk items too!  Who doesn’t need a huge jar of Vegemite?  Or what about great savings on basic necessities like milk and eggs??  Imagine the huge box of laundry detergent I could get at a fraction of the cost if a Costco was offered here!

    So I’m a little sad that I can’t buy a 36 pack of toilet paper.  Why have they forsaken our lovely little island? Are we not good enough to enjoy the Kirkland brand or the huge bottles of mayonnaise??  There’s plenty of land big enough to build a warehouse large enough to house your stacks and stacks of books for sale! Tasmanians love a good buy too!

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    • Rosanna says:

      THIS makes me very sad. I saw more recent plans to open more Costcos in Australia, but of course none are going to be in Tasmania. :'(

      I know 🙁 There are a lot of marketable places they can place a Costco in Tasmania and I’m sure they would make a killing. ~Y

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