• Acquired tastes

    The first time I visited Australia was in 2003 with MJ. His parents and him made a huge effort to show me around the place and introduce me to everything including the food. I remember one visit to the local beach, it was winter time but the ocean was still beautiful, however cold. We stopped at a nearby cafe to get some lunch. I ordered fish and chips and MJ ordered a burger. When I got the fish and chips, I realized how greasy they were and I was turned off. Being the most wonderful man alive, MJ swapped lunches with me. Who could ruin a burger, right? Immediately after taking a bite, I thought, Australians can. The burger was disgusting. MJ was then on a mission to show me that not all Australian food was in my words, crap. Pies, yuck. Sausage rolls, revolting. Cornish pasties, passable but not something I would order if I had a choice of something else. Trifle and Pavlova, too sweet. It seemed like no matter the food, my taste buds couldn’t stand it. If you remember one of my earlier posts, the cheese was not up to par either.

    Now 8 years later, (including the last 3 years living here), I can say a lot has changed.  I have eaten many potato pies while living here and a few party pies too with “sauce” not ketchup.  When I’m iffy about the place I’m eating I still might order a cornish pastie with lots of sauce.  I’m still not a fan of sausage rolls or Trifle or Pavlova but I have become addicted to hot cross buns with butter and scones with cream and jam.  I remember one time when we were still living in the US, MJ attempted to make some scones at home to quench a bit of his homesickness.  He admited it didn’t taste the same as home but I didn’t get it past my gag reflex.  Now today, I can admit that these past 2 weeks I’ve had more scones with jam and cream than I would have ever imagined I could possibly have.  Now that’s it’s coming to Easter time, I see the hot cross buns popping up in the bakeries and I just want to gobble them up.

    A couple of weeks ago, we went out for lunch to a local cafe.  Looking through the menu there were a couple of things I wanted to try.  I waited until my husband ordered so I could know his choice so I could order the other item I wanted.  He ordered the burger with the lot (which includes beets and egg!)  while I had the fried rice.  I gladly ate my fried rice and it was amazingly tasty but left some for my husband as I tend to do then I looked at my husband with my puppy dog eyes and he gave me a bit of his burger and I was Heaven.  It was delicious.  When I asked for more, I had to laugh and remind my husband how silly I was about not liking the burgers here a couple of years back.  MJ said he knew it would take time to convert me and couldn’t be prouder.

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