• My new favorite snack

    Coles Lamingtons

    Lamingtons, such an iconic Australian treat, have just become my new favorite food.  Chocolate, coconut, and it’s wholesome sponginess are just delicious.  MJ said that when we first moved here, I hated Lamingtons.  I think he’s full of it because I don’t ever remember turning my nose up at these little slices of Heaven.  He then reminds me of Uno when the last few weeks of us living in the NJ we were eating out because we sold our kitchen stuff.  Apparently we were talking about where to have dinner.  MJ says:  how about Uno?

    Me: Oh I guess, we haven’t been there before.  Will there be anything LJ likes?

    MJ (staring at me as if I’m on crack) You are kidding, right?

    Me (wondering why he doesn’t care about whether his son eats anything for dinner. I knew he was hungry but seriously): What?

    MJ:  We were just here 2 weeks ago.

    Me: Bullshit.

    MJ: You liked their potatoes.

    Me:  Apparently not enough to remember them.

    So now, every time I have a “senior moment” he calls Uno, bastard, making fun of those with mental deficits.  Anyway, I don’t believe Lamingtons was an Uno moment, but in any event I’m stuffing my face now with them.  Yummy.



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