• The hype is over but what will replace it

    When I first heard Oprah was coming to Sydney, I thought it was cool.  As the time got closer, I was getting excited with the hope that I could win tickets to see her show.  I didn’t win the tickets and I was very disappointed.  I thought I would be annoyed once all the coverage started with Oprah in town with ‘Oprah did this’ and ‘Oprah surprised so and so’.  But I’m glad it wasn’t the case even though Oprah got so much coverage that I’m surprised they didn’t announce when she had a bowel movement.  I was just actually relieved that the Prince William and Kate engagement had finally been replaced with something else and something more exciting like one of richest woman in the world who actually worked for what she got rather than just inheriting an archaic title.  Anyway Oprah has now left Australia and I’m worried about what obsession the media will take hold.  I suppose as long as it’s not Will and Kate.  I need a longer break from that.

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