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    • Holly says:

      I hope you write a complaint at least about the nurse, she sounds like a nightmare.
      My husband and I have had our fare share of hospital horror stories but mainly in the US. He refuses to ever set foot in a US hospital again no matter how bad he is.

      The worst experience we had in Oz was when our first son was born. He arrived at 5:30 am and once we were in our room no one came in to check on us until 7:00 that night! We kept buzzing and they’d say they’d be right in but no one did. They did apologize saying they were really busy.

      I hope that is the worst you’ll have to encounter with Aussie hospitals, and hope LJ is getting better!

    • Y says:

      I have had different experiences in the American hospitals from public to private…and by far the private teaching hospitals have been the best. The public hospitals (especially in urban areas) have been crappy. Thank goodness I didn’t have an emergency that required an overnight stay then. I was absolutely disappointed with the treatment we got once we left the emergency area and entered the children’s ward. I called them today to get the results of the one test that was done and they still didn’t have the result. I was told to call back tomorrow or Monday and they “should” have it by then.

    • Tori says:

      Poor LJ. I’m sorry your experience was crap. That nurse needs to be reported.

      I have SO been there, too. When Ethan was in hospital last year, we got a nurse one shift who was just a nasty bee-yotch. When I asked her why the rate on his feeding tube was down from what the dietitian ordered, she rudely responded that she’d “check” and never came back!!!

      I come from a family of nurses (all the way back to my great-grandma) and I realise that they’re spread quite thin these days. I usually cut a lot of slack. But sometimes they forget that “just another patient” is a real person with real feelings. Same with doctors.

    • Y says:

      Thanks Tori. It’s good to know that I’m just not the crazy mama and that I do have a right to want the best for my son. It’s been so difficult.

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