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    This has nothing to do with Australia but I had to make a special post about it because it just annoyed the hell out of me.

    Today we went into town to have a browse. We parked the car at the town center parking garage on the 2nd level and because we had a stroller with us, we had to wait for the elevator otherwise we would have had no problem taking the stairs. In front of us, were 3 other strollers. The 3 strollers managed to squeeze into the elevator with no room for us so we waited for the next one. Instead of going down, the elevator goes up to the 4th level, stops, then comes back down again to the 2nd level with the same people so of course we still didn’t fit so we wait again.

    Finally the elevator arrives on the Ground level where everyone got out and then it goes back up to the 4th level. MJ and I start complaining that it’s going to be full again by the time it gets to us and we contemplate how we can take the stairs with the stroller. But before we decide on anything, the elevator finally arrives and the doors open. I couldn’t contain my utter disbelief and said out loud “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

    Elevator laziness

    In the elevator was not a bunch of strollers or wheelchairs as we had anticipated but rather a lone woman in her forties who seemed perfectly fit to go down the stairs holding just one small shopping bag with no effort. She waited all that time because she was just too lazy to go down the stairs?? I just didn’t understand that and I still don’t. She was perfectly capable of taking the stairs. When we finally left the elevator on the Ground level, I could see she walked just fine – no limp, no awkward gait, nothing. She was fine to use the stairs but she preferred to wait 15 minutes to take the elevator. What is up with some people??

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