• Shipping containers are expensive

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    • Y says:

      Thanks, Mark, for the tip! I hadn’t thought about the wait – oh great! So we go through the trouble & the expense, only to have to do without our “needful things” for a couple of months.

      My main concern is the nursery furniture – for sentimental reasons. Our first born child sleeps in the beautiful crib and my grandmother bought it for me even though she couldn’t really afford it herself.

      But we’re not sure at the moment, because we’re strapped for cash & we can’t imagine paying $4,000 for a shipping container.

      As for the screws, I am very OCD so I imagine I would have little Ziploc baggies full of screws and such labeled and kept in my possession at all times.

      Oh man why does this have to be so difficult? Why can’t I just strap my boxes & belongings on top on my car and drive there like I did every year when I moved back to the University? Um, maybe because there are a couple of oceans that might make the car trip a bit difficult…

    • Mark says:


      Good to see that you’re slowly getting there 🙂

      Remember on the basis that you move to Australia at the same time your stuff gets shipped out you’ll be sat waiting in Australia for 6 – 8 weeks before it arrives.

      If you think about it, your might be shipping this stuff out because you ‘need it’ but because you need it you’ll end up buying it again as soon as you arrive out in Aus.

      We found this to be the case when we moved out 🙂

      Everything isn’t too much more expensive down in Australia but if you do bring some furniture (including your cot) remember the screws 😉

      Good job on the blog, this will make entertaining reading once you’ve made the move down under and will prove to be a useful resource for others 🙂



    • Wahoo says:

      Thank you for sharing!

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