• My first official post – where do I begin?

    After 4 years of marriage, MJ & I have collected a ridiculous amount of stuff – generally good stuff but a lot of it. My husband being the habitual morestuff4less.com shopper & an obsessive “we’ll need this one day” pack rat – we have accumulated a LOT of things we don’t need and that’s not including the baby’s stuff.

    So as I stand in the middle of a 5 bedroom expanded cape and look around, a realization hits me like a ton of bricks – we have less than 5 months to get rid of all this crap. Where can I possibly begin to sort through the mess hiding in cupboards, cabinets, closets, desks, drawers, shelves, nooks, crannies, corners, under the sofa, tucked away in the cushions, etc.? As I stifle a scream, I tell myself, we’ll start with what’s just needlessly laying around. Ok, sounds easy enough. I gather some old boxes from the basement and start sorting things in appropriate boxes: Keep, Sell, Donate, Give to family.

    Just as I’m getting into the sorting through of things I didn’t even know we had & the questions that arise from looking through years of household items:

    ME: Honey, why do we have 3 VHS tapes & 4 DVDs of The Matrix?
    HUBBY: It’s a good movie.
    ME: I know it’s a good movie but we don’t need 7 copies of it.
    HUBBY: Nah, I s’pose not. Get rid of the VHS tapes & keep one of the DVDs.
    ME: Which one?
    HUBBY: Um…let me see.

    After thoroughly inspecting each DVD for what seemed like an hour, he chooses one. He then pops it into the DVD player because we HAVE to “make sure there are no glitches” & 2 hours & 16 minutes later, he has confirmed that there is no glitch with the copy he chose to keep and we can resume our packing. Until…

    ME: Honey why do we have 6 copies of Aliens?

    This is going to take a long time…

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