• Marvel Movie Marathon – possible spoilers part 3

    We continue our movie marathon with CJ’s moviegoing questioning guide.

    The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    Is this the first one?
    Does it show the bit that he first turns into the hulk?
    Yeah but why are the other stuff in this storyline?
    What’s that?
    Who drinks it?
    Who will drink that one?
    I’m hungry.
    What’s he trying to do?
    What’s he making?
    That’s the one. Stan Lee drinks it?
    Why do they want to kill him?
    But still why do they want him?
    But what do they want out of him?
    They killed it?
    Did they kill the dog?
    Wait he’s been running for hours?
    Did.. The..
    Is he the hulk now?
    I think so.
    I wonder who Mr Blue is.
    What are you writing?
    You have a website?
    Is that soda?
    Was this in Mexico or something?
    That little kid gave him money.
    Why did he do that?
    Does the stretchy pants work?
    Where is he now?
    He wanted to get on but there’s security.
    Does he want to get in the science place?
    She’s alive.
    Stop writing.
    Who’s that’s?
    He’s like hello darkness my old friend, right?
    Who was that?
    Who’s Stanley?
    So he knows.
    What’s that?
    Was that a hulk thing?
    Hulk thing.
    Why did he eat it?
    What’s that?
    I don’t want to see this.
    Wait what?
    Why doesn’t Thor like hulk?
    He only turns into the hulk when his pulse reaches 200.
    Whenever he turns he needs to get a new shirt.
    That’s the original stuff.
    Maybe can I have apple juice for dessert?
    Maybe I know who Mr Blue is.
    Who’s driving?
    Oh he’s turning into a hulk.
    It doesn’t cure.
    This makes no sense. You want to know why? In the other movies he still turns into the hulk.
    They can make hulks.
    He becomes the abomination.
    I wonder what happened to the scientist guy because he got hurt and got the thing.
    Can you search it up?
    Do you know what happened to Mr Blue?
    The hulk can survive explosions.
    Like reload… Reload…Reload…reload…vodka
    So what’s the leader?

    Next up on the list…

    Thor (2011)

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