• Passengers review (Spoilers!)

    I had hoped to find a picture of Chris Pratt’s butt from the movie but couldn’t find it. This one will do 🙂 Yes, I know I’m objectifying him.  We’ll save that discussion for another time.

    MJ and I went to see Passengers on New Years Day.  We thought we were going to be only ones there but there were quite a few people in the cinema with us.

    I really enjoyed the movie.  Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence had incredible onscreen chemistry.  They worked well together and I thought it was a nice romance story albeit with an unorthodox conception.

    I, accidentally, had read spoilers before watching the movie so I knew what I was getting into.

    (For people who don’t want to see spoilers, I gave it a 4.5 out of 5).


    So I knew that she was woken up by Jim (Chris Pratt).  The writer of the review I had read was angry about the movie.

    1. The trailer doesn’t once show Pratt’s character’s betrayal.
    2. And likened the romance to Stockholm Syndrome and
    3. stated that once Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) finds out the truth, it gets glanced over and the romance continues.

    I was very hesitant to go see the movie because of the review.  I wondered what kind of shitshow I was going to see.

    I’m not sure if I was watching the same movie as that reviewer because that’s not what I saw.  I saw a desperate, lonely person who had been alone for a year in space who became mentally unwell and who was contemplating suicide.  He had done everything in his power to get back to sleep and to fix the situation he was stuck in.  Then he saw her and saw how pretty she was.  Yes, shallow and superficial but he used that distraction to stay sane and get to know her.  He read her writing.  Saw her interviews.  And he fell in love.  He didn’t fall in love with just her physical form but her personality first, laughing at her jokes and admiring what she had to say and how she said it.  He didn’t want to wake her.  He fought against waking her.  He wanted to keep her safe. Desperation for human interaction got the best of him and he woke her.

    It was wrong.

    He shouldn’t have woken her but also, he didn’t have a choice.  He had an equivalent to a Sophie’s Choice or a Schrodinger’s cat – Schrodinger’s Life. Whichever road he had taken, wake her up or die alone, it would have been wrong.

    But it wasn’t his choice to make.

    Yet he did it.  And he didn’t tell her.

    That’s what gets me angrier.  He didn’t tell her.  The Android bartender told her on the night he was going to propose to her.

    And she was devastated.  She hated him.  She despised him.  She loathed him.

    She didn’t speak to him.  She refused to be in the same room with him for weeks if not months (hard to tell time in space).

    She even beat the shit out of him.  She crept into his room and seriously fucked him up.  I was thoroughly impressed. And she would have used a crowbar on him and he would have let her too, if she hadn’t stopped herself in the process.  It could be argued that she showed him more consideration than he had in sparing his life.

    Then while she’s avoiding him, more shit happens and their ship is doomed.  They have to work together to save the lives of the 5,000+ people on that ship.  He sacrificed himself to save her and the rest of the passengers.  Aurora manages to save him again. She is seriously badass and is definitely not a damsel in distress.

    Jim then finds a way to get Aurora back to sleep so she could wake up when she was supposed to while he keeps watch.  She chooses not to.  Presumably, they spend the last days of their lives together, enjoying each other’s company.

    The choices they made (or didn’t make) don’t get glossed over.  The director and writer beautifully show the pain in making those decisions whether they were wrong or right and in the process giving you brilliant “what would you do?”dinner conversations with your friends and family (and strangers if you’re brave enough).

    I was disappointed that Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia didn’t get much screen time.  Andy Garcia didn’t even get to speak!  I was also half-expecting when the crew finally did wake up they would encounter more passengers awake for one reason or another and a descendant or two of Jim and Aurora.  I’m assuming they consciously chose not to make those choices for another living being.  But damn, they must have had foolproof birth control.

    I do have one major nitpick: over 5,000 people on a luxury starship and there was only one Auto-Doc??  If everything had gone to plan with no issues.  These 5,000 people would have been awake for 4-5 months before reaching their destination.  They never anticipated needing a back up Auto-Doc in case the main one broke down or the other was in use?  Was this the Titanic of Space?  It was unsinkable and the technology was infallible so they didn’t need the extra life-saving machine??  I call bull on that one and chalk it up to a plot hole to move the story forward.

    All in all, go see it, if you haven’t already.  Remember that it’s just a movie and that humans are incredibly flawed. And the writer does an astounding job to show those crazy we won’t know what we’ll do until we’re stuck in that same overwhelming scenario imperfections. 4.5/5

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